My article got to front page of Hacker News

One of my articles spent a good portion of the day on the front page of Hacker News. During my short journey of blogging, I have never received so much traffic.

August 21, 2021 · Miika von Bell

Using dictation for writing blog posts from speech

Dictation has improved a lot over the years and today it is a really powerful tool to be used for writing a blog.

August 19, 2021 · Miika von Bell

Why I decided to use Hugo for my blog

In 2020 I started looking for ways to building my first blog. I built by own CMS, built my own SSG, but finally settled to use Hugo framework.

August 15, 2021 · Miika von Bell

How to choose a blogging niche

I struggled a long time to choose a niche for my blog. As I was reading everything about starting a blog, one thing was very clear: you have to choose a very specific niche. That gave me quite a bit of anxiety as there were so many things I wanted to write about. I found sports and outdoors interesting, but that in itself is too broad. Technology in general is something I am really curious about, but that is too broad as well....

July 20, 2021 · Miika von Bell

How to write a blog post by telling stories

I used to build WordPress websites for a living. Building WordPress websites taught me the basics of software development. Knowing the basics, I was able to land my first full-time software developer job. A few years went by working as a junior software developer when it was time for a change. I wanted to advance in my career so I transitioned into consulting. I learned frontend, backend, databases, networking, and business by going hands-on....

July 18, 2021 · Miika von Bell