Repoveden kansallispuiston Koppelonkierros.
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Päiväretki Repoveden kansallispuistossa: Koppelonkierros

Saapuminen ja aikataulu Lähdimme ajelemaan kohti Repoveden kansallispuistoa Mikkelistä lauantaina 14. päivä toukokuuta hieman ennen kello kolmea iltapäivällä. Perille saavuimme neljän aikoihin. Koppelonkierros osoite Kaikki Repoveden kansallispuiston reittien lähtöpisteet sekä osoitteet löytyvät parhaiten -sivustolta. Kyseisen sivun kautta ohjeistetaan suuntaamaan seuraavaan osoitteeseen: Tervajärven pysäköintialueelta, Kivisilmäntie 720, Kouvola. Meidän navigaattori ei aivan löytänyt tuota osoitetta oikeaan paikkaan, mutta lähelle kuitenkin. Reitin pituus ja kesto Tervajärven pysäköintialueelta lähdettäessä Koppelonkierroksen kokonaispituudeksi tulee lähemmäs 9 kilometriä....

May 15, 2022 · 2 min · Miika von Bell
Remote work experience after two full years
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Remote working tips and important things to remember

After working two years remotely as a full-time software developer in a Global Fortune 500 company, I am writing this article on how my expectations of remote work have met with the reality of working remotely.

May 3, 2022 · 5 min · Miika von Bell
Work-life balance is a two way street.
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Seeking good work-life balance and avoiding burnout

I keep struggling to find the keys to a good and healthy work-life balance. I want to think that I’ve made many changes and adjustments in my life to maintain a proper work-life balance, but I still keep finding myself close to what I would call a burnout state. I’ve entirely quit alcohol for almost four years already. I do zero drugs or have any medication. I work out regularly, and I have a clean diet....

May 3, 2022 · 6 min · Miika von Bell
Starting social media presence from scratch
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Getting back into social media after many years

I’ve never really been a huge fan of social media and I have left many times most of the social media platforms before. One of my posts, The end of social media was at one point one of the best performing blog posts in my blog, in terms of daily visitors. There is something really depressing about social media that makes me want to avoid them altogether. However, I want to give the major social media platforms a shot again because of one specific reason: automation....

May 2, 2022 · 2 min · Miika von Bell
Our new rural home.
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How moving to rural area changed our lives

Our family moved away from the urban city area in 2021 to the rural countryside. We had never lived in a rural area before 2021, and now after one year of living, we can say we have made the right decision. What drove us to move to a rural area For the past five or so years, we had developed a lot of common interests towards outdoors and nature, and we had always felt a connection to nature in general....

April 20, 2022 · 5 min · Miika von Bell