After a month of using Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball mouse, I can honestly and quite surprisingly say that I really like it.

Review after one month: Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball

After a month of using Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball mouse, I can honestly and quite surprisingly say that I really like it.

It took me a long time to decide, which mouse I wanted to buy as my first ergonomic mouse after never having owned one before.

My goal was to find myself a vertical wireless mouse with the ability to switch between devices directly from the mouse button.

The mouse I was looking for would only be used for working on my Macbook Pro and Mac Mini and wouldn’t be used for gaming or anything like that.

For a few years, I had been using Apple’s Magic mouse and I was starting to feel some signs of wrist strain.

Overall, I really like the Magic mouse. It’s good looking, minimalistic and I really like the horizontal scroll feature of it.

The downside of Magic mouse however is, it is not very ergonomic and using it for longer periods of time, really puts some strain on the wrist.

Why I Chose Logitech MX Ergo?

After spending at least a few days comparing different kinds of ergonomic mouses online, I really only had a few choices remaining.

Most reviews online about the best ergonomic mouses suggest going with MX Master 3. MX Master 3 was one of the only ergonomic mouses I could find that has the horizontal scrolling wheel on the side. I also remember testing MX Master 3 in my local store a while ago and it really does feel good and comfortable.

During my comparison of different mouses, I also looked into Penguin Mouse which is as vertical as a mouse can get. It is almost like a joystick. What I really liked about Penguin Mouse was the option to use it both right and left handed, as I had recently started switching my mouse hand with my Magic mouse from right to left.

So, to narrow down, here were the things I wanted to get in my perfect ergonomic mouse:

Unfortunately, I really couldn’t find a mouse that would have all these features all in the same package, so I had to start making some compromises.

The biggest thing I wanted to solve when buying my first ergonomic mouse was to make sure that it is really ergonomic.

As I went to my local hardware store to try out different options, the MX Ergo really felt like the most ergonomic mouse out of the ones I got to test out.

It is big, which is nice since I have big hands. It is vertical with two different angles to choose from, taking out the wrist strain completely. It uses trackball, so I don’t even have to move my forearm when using it.

On top of these things, I really wanted to try out something different and was willing to sacrifice the horizontal scrolling feature for the many ergonomic upsides MX Ergo has.

Horizontal scrolling is a feature that is really beneficial when programming and your project doesn’t have word wrap turned on. It is also a nice feature when browsing the web and I use it a lot.

Logitech MX Ergo and my setup.

Thoughts after a month of use

It took a few days to get used to using the trackball, but now after using it for a month, I must say I really like it.

It has definitely reduced the wrist strain almost completely and I can keep using my mouse for much longer periods of time.

I still would like to switch hands from time to time from right to left, which is why I’ve kept my Magic mouse connected to my devices as well, which I use on my left hand every now and then.

The battery on MX Ergo is great and I haven’t had to charge it yet after unpacking.

MX Ergo still doesn’t check all the boxes from my personal perfect mouse, which is why I will most likely replace with something else in the future. It is still a great tool to have in my toolbox.

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