Pax Dei is the most anticipated social sandbox MMO of 2023

Pax Dei is the most anticipated social sandbox MMO of 2023. Pax Dei is a vast, social sandbox MMO inspired by the legends of the medieval era. In Pax Dei, myths are real, ghosts exist, and magic is unquestioned.

Pax Dei is an open world MMO that is being developed by the nordic gaming studio, Mainframe. Pax Dei is set to be released in 2023 for it’s alpha phase to which people can sign-up from the official Pax Dei website:

While there is still not much information out about the game itself, there is a very active Discord server that can be found from Other useful resources to learn more about Pax Dei and stay up-to-date with all the latest announcements include:

When is Pax Dei going to be released?

While there is no set date for the official release for Pax Dei, it’s alpha test is possibly going to start at some point in 2023. This assumption is based on the game being in development since March of 2019 which adds up to four years of development time.

Pax Dei development team has discussed some details about alpha testing with the Pax Dei community, and it is expected to have the alpha test include thousands of real life testers in the best case scenario in real servers.

What makes Pax Dei so unique?

Pax Dei has created a lot of hope and hype in the gaming community after it’s official announcement in March of 2023. Pax Dei ticks many boxes that makes a game good in 2023, such as: MMO, Open world, Sandbox, Unreal Engine 5, Experienced development team, Well-funded, Years of development.

Pax Dei development team has lots of experience from previous titles and games studios which should give them advantage when developing Pax Dei. Pax Dei team has said to be inspired by other titles, such as; EVE Online, Valheim, Ever Quest, and Ultima Online.

Which platforms are supported for Pax Dei?

Pax Dei will be targeting it’s initial launch for PC-only, but it is planned to be released on other platforms as well in the future, such as Xbox and PlayStation. It is also discussed that the Pax Dei team is targeting for cross-platform gameplay so players across all platforms and consoles can play the game together.


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