Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, goes the saying. This is really true and I can’t imagine starting the day without a good, warm, slow breakfast.

Example of a good and healthy breakfast with eggs

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, goes the saying. This is really true and I can’t imagine starting the day without a good, warm, slow breakfast.

Currently, I have had the same breakfast for the past three months.

I usually get attached to things for some periods of time but this breakfast has stuck with me for surprisingly long time.

I have always valued a good breakfast and it is usually what gets me up from bed and is the first thing I think when I wake up.

Every morning when I wake up I go to kitchen and start making breakfast.

I am the kind of person who doesn’t like making changes to things that are working and for the past three months, I haven’t made a single change to my breakfast, which I enjoy every single day.

This is what I have for breakfast every single day

Good breakfast is what sets the day on the right track.

I love having a slow morning with my wife and my dog where all of us eat and relax before starting our day and go to work, hobbies or doing household chores.


Every morning I grind fresh coffee beans and enjoy one to three cups of black dark coffee.

I don’t drink coffee during the day and only have my coffee in the morning with breakfast.


One of the only non-vegan foods I enjoy today is my scrambled eggs with breakfast.

I always buy locally farmed brown eggs from our local market.

Every morning I scramble 4 eggs and only add a little bit of salt.

I warm up the pan and break the eggs with spatula for a little under a minute.

4 eggs are enough for me and my dog to share since my wife Anette doesn’t eat them.

Breakfast outdoors: Good healthy breakfast lakeside outdoors

During summer there is nothing better then having a nice healthy breakfast outdoors while enjoying great weather and lakeside view. My dog is always looking for our mutual breakfast and his share of warm eggs.

Beans in tomato sauce

After eggs are done, I take the eggs off the pan and throw beans to the hot pan.

I cook the beans for a little under a minute.


I have bought the same locally baked fry bread for a long time now.

I do switch between a couple of different breads every now and then.


Humus is a great vegan bread spread with lots of fibre and protein that tastes good.


Every breakfast includes a big green dish with lots of vegetables.

There is avocado, salad, tomatoes, cucumber, paprika and chili.


Every morning I like to drink multiple glasses of cold water during breakfast.

Juice & cacao

Occasionally there is some fresh squeezed orange juice or some protein cacao drink in the breakfast table.


Depending on the overall diet and the season, my wife and I do take some extra vitamins such as B, C and D on top of our breakfast.


I never skip breakfast no matter what.

No matter how much work I have to do everyday or how many meetings I have, there always has to be time for a good slow breakfast.

The best thing I have done during the past year regarding breakfast is introducing warm dishes such as eggs and beans to it.

Having warm dishes during breakfast feels like they help me last better until lunch time without getting hungry.

Breakfast selfie with new Gorillapod

Good breakfast sets the day on the right track. Breakfast is the first thing I do every morning when I wake up.

As an unrelated side note, I recently purchased Joby GorillaPod for being able to take some fresh photos for my blog with my Apple iPhone 12 Mini. I had to squeze a morning breakfast selfie to this post with the help of my new GorillaPod.

Food Photography

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