Getting my first pike perch

I was warming up my lakeside sauna like I normally would during summer evenings.

Usually we watch Netflix with my wife while sauna is warming up but once I had gotten the fire started, I looked at the dark lake and thought that I would try a few throws with my fishing rod.

On my second throw, I caught my first ever legit size pike perch.

Minimum size of pike perch

In Finland, the minimum length for pike perch is 42 centimeters under which you should let them free if caught.

I didn’t measure the size of this pike perch, but it was definitely bigger than 42 centimeters.

Pike perch aka Kuha in Finnish.

Cooking pike perch

I went straight to kitchen to cook the pike perch while sauna was getting ready.

Lure used for catching pike perch.

I was surprised that my Abu Terminator worked for catching a pike perch.

I’ve only ever caught pike with it.

Getting pike perch for dinner from my own backyard.

Nice dinner was served quite quickly before sauna was ready.

I cooked the pike perch fillets on a pan with some salt, pepper, garlic and onion.

Really tasty!