I am the kind of person who is always looking for new ways to do things.

I have been writing a blog for more than a year now and one thing I have noticed is that writing is hard and tough.

Recently I started thinking of new ways to write and structure my blog posts. This is how I ended up thinking if I could speak my blog posts out loud.

As I started experimenting with dictation for turning my thoughts from speech to text, I realised there are many benefits from using dictation.

The first thing I noticed when starting to use dictation was that I really had to think about the words that I used.

At first, it felt really weird because I had been so locked up in my own head when writing my blog posts but now I was able to express my thoughts out loud. This got me feeling like my words and thoughts became much more alive.

Another thing that’s really great about using dictation for writing blog post is that it is much more ergonomic, because I don’t have to reach out to my keyboard and instead I can relax and sit upright.

For the longest time, I have completely disregarded dictation and thought of it as an unnecessary tool.

From now on I am definitely going to be using dictation a lot more both in my blog writing and in my work every day.

PS. This short blog post was created completely with dictation.