My oven was broken for a few months.

Today was finally a day I was able to get a repair man to fix it.

It’s three days before Christmas.

We can now cook food again in our oven.

Why does it sometimes take forever to get stuff done?

Getting a repair man to do the job was such a trivial thing to do.

Like, I didn’t even have to do anything except pay up for the job.

Makes me feel so lazy and unproductive.

Which I probably am, honestly.

But that is okay.

It’s okay to be lazy and unproductive sometimes.

But not always.

I wish I could be like that though more often.

Not worry about anything and just let the world have it’s way.

I wish it was summer as well.

Right now it’s cold outside, like 20 degrees Celsius.

I miss summer.

Glad my oven is fixed at least.