I’ve never really been a huge fan of social media and I have left many times most of the social media platforms before.

One of my posts, The end of social media was at one point one of the best performing blog posts in my blog, in terms of daily visitors.

There is something really depressing about social media that makes me want to avoid them altogether. However, I want to give the major social media platforms a shot again because of one specific reason: automation.

While I mainly enjoy writing my blog for personal reasons, there is also the side of me who wants to get a little bit more traffic and visitors to my blog.

For this purpose, it is quite hard to ignore the power that social media has to draw attention and visitors to an online blog.

After learning about a software called SocialPilot and having had a glimpse of their features, I want to see if automation can bring at least some more traffic to my blog in the future.

I’m not really looking forward to spending any extra time on the actual social media platforms themselves, but mainly let the automation handle the sharing of my blog posts across the social networks.

This post will be the first one to start this small social experiment of mine using SocialPilot.

EDIT: I actually decided to go with Zapier after experimenting with SocialPilot and while they do provide good automation across all major social networks, their post customization lack’s quite a bit compared to Zapier. Zapier takes a little more time to set up all the automations but provides more flexibility to structure posts from RSS feed items.