Work from home movement has become a common phenomenon as the pandemic has put a majority of the knowledge worker workforce into remote work mode.

9 unique home office equipment for remote work

Work from home movement has become a common phenomenon as the pandemic has put a majority of the knowledge worker workforce into remote work mode.

I have changed my work from home setup for many times and I am still looking for the best home office setup that would stick for a long term.

As someone who likes to spend a little bit of extra money for a nice home office setup, I have found a good list of home office essentials I use almost everyday when working from home.

DeskView standing desk

My number one favourite piece of equipment for my home office is definitely DeskView desk.

DeskView desk is a window mounted desk that allows you to work while enjoying your favourite view.

After moving to our new lakeside home, there is no better place to work than next to a window that is towards to our beautiful lake.

DeskView Standing Desk

I like taking notes during meetings next to my DeskView desk while following the nature events that goes on in our lake.

Philips Hue Lights

While working remotely and optimising my home office, the importance of lighting has got my attention.

I have bought quite a few of Philips Hue smart lights to make sure that I am able to always work in a lighting that I am comfortable in.

Eye-strain is a no-joke and making sure that you have a good ambient lighting behind your screens is really important.

Philips Hue Smart Lights and HomePod Mini

Philips Hue Smart Lights allow me to adjust room lighting according to my liking. The great thing about Philips Hue system is that it is HomeKit compatible which means I can control it via voice commands through my HomePod Mini.

Floor sitting equipment

I love mixing things up when it comes to home office and working remotely.

I have regular desk and a good chair.

I have a standing desk and a window mounted desk.

And then I also have a floor sitting setup.

Working on the floor forces my body to keep switching positions and it is in my opinion the best position for fast feedback on many static postures.

Work from home office setup

Work from home office setup for standing and floor sitting.

Floor sitting equipment

Floor sitting equipment can be taken outside to enjoy fresh air while working.

Sony WH-1000X3M headphones

I bought my Sony WH1000-X3M noice canceling headphones while still working part-time at the office.

These headphones are still a valuable piece of equipment while working from home.

Need to tune in with some background music or sounds? No problem.

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM3 are great bluetooth headphones with Noise-Canceling features.

HomeKit automations

I have dipped my toes into smart home systems after buying my first home and working remotely.

I am still in the process of optimising things around our home for smart home automations, but they are starting to play a key role in my everyday home office setup.

reMarkable tablet

Just like the name suggests, reMarkable tablet is simply remarkable!

I have never had such a great note taking tablet in my life.

reMarkable tablet is truly one of it’s kind.

I use remarkable everyday for note taking, brain storming and ideation.

reMarkable tablet

reMarkable is an e-ink, zero eye-strain tablet that mimics the real feel of pen and paper note taking with the benefits of modern technology and cloud services.

Gaming chair

Whenever I need to really tune in to my work, I need to sit down and really work.

I bought a HP Omen Citadel Gaming chair last year and it is the best chair I have ever used.

OMEN by HP Citadel Gaming Chair

OMEN HP Ciradel Gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs on the market. With great back support and many adjustable features, it really helps my to get long productive sessions when needed.

Wireless mouse and keyboard

I love to keep things minimalistic so getting rid of any extra wires is a great extra whenever possible.

I have a few pieces of old generation Apple Magic keyboard and mouse but I am looking to transition into Logitech MX Master 3 mouse and an optical keyboard in the near future.

Flaska water bottle

I drink water everyday so I might as well make it enjoyable.

For a long time I was so cheap that I couldn’t justify buying an expensive water bottle.

Luckily though my wife knew that I wanted a good water bottle so she bought me Flaska water bottle as a gift.

Flaska water bottle

Flaska is a great glass water bottle which makes drinking water slightly more enjoyable and meaningful.

Final thoughts on buying home office equipment

For me, buying home office equipment is sort of like a hobby.

I am a tech geek and I like to play around with different tools and accessories.

We also get a nice tax benefit in Finland for remote working when buying new stuff.

My Home Office Equipment Closet

What the inside of my closet looks like where I keep all the packages of my home office equipment.

Remote work Smart home

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