Choosing your first plant might feel difficult but if you follow these simple guidelines you have better chances to succeed with your plant care.

Getting started with plant care and choosing your first plant

Choosing your first plant might feel difficult but if you follow these simple guidelines you have better chances to succeed with your plant care.

Recently, I decided to get a new plant for my office work desk. I wanted to get a plant that would be an easy-care plant that requires little to no maintenance, survives with little light and watering and manages on almost any type of soil.

Choose an easy-care plant

Easy-care plants do not require much attention but provide enjoyment nonetheless.


Plants grow on soil, which allows water and nutrients to transfer to plants throught their roots.

Here is a great guide for choosing the right soil for your first plant.


Almost all plants need watering from time to time. Some plants need more water then others.

Learn more about watering your plant from this article.

Think about lighting

Plants need sunlight or artificial light to survive.

Direction and orientation

Sun rises from the East and sets to the West. When placing a plant in-house or outdoors, it is important to think about the lighting.

Plants that need more light should be placed next to windows while plants that need less light can survive further away from windows.

It is also good to keep in mind that the rising sun is weaker the setting sun, so plants that need very little to no light can manage next to East-side windows.

Plant light during winter

Winters affect the way the sun rises and sets so it is important to think about winter from a plant’s perspective regarding sunlight.

During winter, make sure you re-check if your plants get the light they need compared to summer.

Choosing your plant type

Here is a list of good first-time plants that share some easy plant care properties, such as:


Cacti plants require very little water but require a lot of sunlight. They manage best on dry soil.


Like cacti, succulents enjoy a lot of sunlight. Succulents like seasonal watering and manage best when rotated to even out the amount of sunlight each side gets.


Vine plants typically require seasonal watering and can often thrive in dry soil. Vines require pruning from time to time and they make a great in-house decoration and first plant.


Bonsais are considered difficult plants to take care of but with proper plant care, it can be a great first plant as well. Bonsai trees are like normal trees except in miniature size. Because they get less nutrients and water by being placed in smaller pots, they do not grow a lot. Bonsais require a little bit more work than other plants like cacti or vines but they can become like your own plant child.

Plant care

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