This post is purely my personal reflections and experience of using sauna almost daily. I am by no means a medical expert nor do I suggest using sauna every day.

That being said, let me continue talking a little bit about my use of sauna and how I use sauna pretty much every day for different reasons.

My home has two saunas

Me and my wife bought our current home in 2021. This home came with two saunas, one at the main house and one separate sauna building next to a lake.

We’ve already developed a habit of using both saunas regularly. We use sauna pretty much every day and we keep switching between using one at the main house and one lakeside.

The sauna at our main house is electric sauna and the one lakeside is a wood stove sauna. If we are feeling lazy, or the weather conditions are not optimal, we usually use the electric one at our main house.

The lakeside sauna is not built to be used during cold winters, but sometimes we use it during winter as well. Typically, we like to use the electric sauna during winters and wood stove sauna during summers.

Our home has two saunas, one on the main house and one lakeside.

Why to use sauna every day

For me personally, using sauna every day is a way to smooth into a relaxed state of mind. Usually, we warm up the sauna late at night around 8 to 9 PM and it is one of the last things me and my wife do at the end of the day.

After a good late night sauna session, I feel very relaxed and feel like my body is quite ready to go to sleep when that tie comes.

How to use sauna

For me, sauna is mainly a way of relaxing but also a way to chat and catch up with my wife and also my friends and buddies.

Finns have a strong sauna culture by nature and we like to hang out as a group and sauna together. As far as I can remember from my childhood days, this kind of sauna culture has always been present in my family and with friends.

In some groups and in some occasions there might be some behavioral differences in using sauna between genders but I’ve almost always used sauna with both males and females and typically completely naked.

If someone doesn’t feel comfortable of going to sauna naked or as mixed group then that is totally understandable and I never want to force anyone to those uncomfortable situations.

Sauna should always be a relaxing place where one can feel comfortable and relaxed.

It’s very common to use sauna in a bathing suit if that’s more comfortable then being naked.

I’ve tried ice swimming in our new home a couple of times.

I have also enjoyed ice swimming a couple of times in our new home as we now have our own lakeside sauna.

Last spring when the ice was melting, we even tried ice swimming a few times from sauna. I’ve heard that this kind of hard temperature change when going from sauna to ice swimming can be quite hard for your body and heart so it should be done with some caution.

Using sauna for recovery

Using sauna is already a part of my daily routine and it doesn’t really matter if I’ve done any workouts or exercises during the day, I still go to sauna at the end of the day.

Although I must say that during my regular weekly routine, I usually do like to do some workouts or exercises after finishing my workday around 4 or 5 PM.

This means that I also like to use sauna as a way to recover from my workouts or exercises.

To make my sauna experience even more relaxing, I like to occasionally use some essential oils such as tar or eucalyptus.


As a last note I must say that I am not particularly proud of my daily sauna routine when it comes to “wasting” natural resources.

Warming up the electric sauna takes quite a bit of electricity and therefore using it daily is not very good for the environment.

When it comes to wood stove sauna, I have no idea how it compares to electric sauna regarding use of energy and generating greenhouse gas. I have a feeling that using around 10 logs of wood for a single sauna sessions should be considered less harmful for the environment than a single electric sauna session.

Anyways, I can’t recommend enough of using sauna. I love using sauna by myself, with my wife or with my buddies.