I struggled a long time to choose a niche for my blog.

As I was reading everything about starting a blog, one thing was very clear: you have to choose a very specific niche.

That gave me quite a bit of anxiety as there were so many things I wanted to write about.

I found sports and outdoors interesting, but that in itself is too broad.

Technology in general is something I am really curious about, but that is too broad as well.

Also, well-being, home, family and everything between those and work-life balance was close to my heart as well.

It was an impossible task to choose one from all those interesting topics I wanted to write about, so I finally decided to not go with the general consensus of choosing a single niche to focus on.

My decision was to create a very old school personal blog where I can write about almost anything I want.

If it comes at the cost of lacking reader authority, SEO authority, clear vision or topics to cover, then so be it.

Before choosing a niche, ask yourself these questions

I went back and forth with choosing a niche and not choosing a niche it almost drove me crazy.

Even to this day, I still keep doubting myself if I should or shouldn’t have chosen the path of creating a personal blog or not.

I still every now and then get the feeling that I should focus on a specific topic instead of having the option of writing about anything and everything.

However, most times when I find myself fighting with this question it is more than enough when I just write a single post about a topic I am thinking of choosing as a niche for a new blog.

For example, sometimes I am thinking if I should start a hiking blog because I have a lot of great hiking stories to tell, lots of experience with hiking gear and many ideas about hiking in general.

Usually the urge and the feeling of starting a blog for only hiking niche goes away when I get to write a very detailed and well thought out post about it.

Then afterwards I am happy again that I still have the option to move on to technology, home or family niche.

Anyway, here are a few things I consider important questions to ask when struggling to choose a. Niche or not to choose a niche.

Are you planning to sell your blog?

Many people start their blog with the sole purpose of selling it in the future.

For me, this is like getting married knowing you’ll be getting a divorce someday.

I am not judging, but this kind of mindset just didn’t fit for me.

I find writing a very enjoyable hobby and doing it only for the money takes away from that enjoyment.

This is obviously very personal question to ask and people are different in ways they approach blogging.

For some, it is only to make some money and for some it is just the hobby. Then there is everyone in between who are doing a little bit of both.

Do you want to blog as a person or a business?

Putting your face on everything you write makes you vulnerable.

It also makes you more reliable and relatable.

It is a double-edged sword.

Are you willing to put yourself behind all your words or do you want the protection that blogging as a business or as an anonymous person gives you?

Building a personal blog

I struggled to choose a specific niche for my blog so I decided to create a personal blog instead.

Do you want to cover multiple topics or just one?

How open you want to keep your options when writing your blog?

Take example hiking.

Many experts would say hiking as a niche is too broad, and maybe you should focus only on hiking gear.

That might be too broad as well and maybe you should focus only on hiking shoes.

That could be too broad still, so maybe just focus on maintaining hiking shoes. With organic substances only?

Or maybe you want to one day write about hiking, and the next day about something completely different, like technology.

Where do you see yourself in 2, 5, 10 years with your blog?

Are you building something for the long term or are you looking to cash out when you hit a certain number of page views per month?

Do you see yourself writing the same blog in 10 years from now?

Are you building a blog that includes useful evergreen content that doesn’t get old even if the earth stopped spinning?

Who are you writing for?

Basically, how much of your writing is for your readers and how much of it is for yourself?

Take myself for example, I am writing for both.

I enjoy writing myself and I get a lot out of it, but I also am looking to share useful information for my readers as well.

Are you writing for search engines maybe?

The problem of choosing a specific niche

For me, the problem lies in the who.

Who are selling this idea of choosing a very specific niche?

Usually, it’s people and businesses who are doing it for the money.

I haven’t yet found a person who writes because they like to write and says to choose a specific niche.

Also, I always find things hard to digest when they are considered as the obvious choice by almost everyone you ask.

Call me a contrarian, but when everyone thinks the same, someone is not thinking.

Running multiple blogs with different niches

This is another option to consider but this has some downsides as well.

For me, this option doesn’t fit because I cannot fully engage to multiple projects.

I have learned over the years that focusing on one thing at the time is the way to go.

Say if I were running a hiking blog and a technology blog.

I can say with certainty that I would not be able to give my 100% effort for both blogs.

I would struggle to treat both blogs as equals and would be scared to having to make the decision to shut down the other once they start getting traffic.

Maybe I could hire writers to do the writing for these blogs?

Well, then it has become a business and I am not looking to do that, because I want to write a blog for the sake of writing.


Everyone has their own way of treating writing and blogging.

I personally respect all forms of blogging the same, but not all forms are suited for me.

I am also treating my personal blog as something I am looking to be running for the rest of my life.

I enjoy running a personal blog way more than using social media and it is my gateway for sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world through internet.