Web is a place where people spend time at.

As someone who knows how to create content to the web I feel obligated to make the web a better place.

I think everyone who uses the web has the responsibility to make sure that the web stays as a great place.

Just like anyone who spends time in the nature has the responsibility to make sure that the next person who visits the same place enjoys it as much as they did.

Creating content that matters

Making the web a better place is not only a responsibility for those who build the web.

The responsibility is also with those who create and publish content across the web in all platforms.

I often keep asking myself if I truly am creating content for people or for myself. I think there is a difference.

Building the web for everyone

People come in all shapes and sizes so understanding that not everyone has access to fast internet or has the ability to distinguish different colours should impact how we build the web.

There are not many forces driving for a better web, but Google is showing some great ways on how to make the web a better place, which I truly think matters.

(I am in no ways affiliated with Google but I think they are developing great guidelines on how to make the web a better place, which I try to follow)

I try to follow good practices when it comes to building the web.

How to make the web a better place?

As web evolves, so does the expectations of the users’. These are some of the values I try to follow when building the web and publishing content:


All users should be able to access content.


All users’ data should be handled safely and securely.


All users should be able to access content fast and reliably.

Unique content

Focus on users and create great content.

Making web a better place

I am just a single person trying to make sure that I leave behind a better web.

I try to learn from others like everyone else. Here are some of the resources I use to learn how to make the web a better place:

  • Google Search Central YouTube channel - Google is one of the biggest players when it comes to the web. People are used to finding web content through Google’s Search -service. Google aim’s to make the web a better place by setting standards and guidelines on what they expect from webmasters and content creators.
  • Web.dev website - Learn how to build the web in such way that you are making it better.
  • Project Fugu - Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web.

Let’s all build a better web together!