My favourite hiking trail is located in Lapland, Finland. Every year I go hiking in Lapland during summer with some friends or my family. There are a lot of great hiking trails in Lapland, some of which I haven’t even hiked yet but I have already managed to find the most favourite one which I love to go again and again.

The best hiking trail in Finland

The best hiking trail in Finland in my opinion is definitely Kilpisjärvi-Halti trail. This trail is located in Lapland, Finland and is 110 kilometres long. The trail starts from the village of Kilpisjärvi and goes to the highest point in Finland, which is the Halti mountain in Lapland.

Mount Saana

Mount Saana is a well known landmark in Finland as the main starting point for the Halti hike in the village of Kilpisjärvi.

I have visited Kilpisjärvi-Halti trail twice as of writing this article, once with a friend of mine and once with my family. The trail is a one-way trail from Kilpisjärvi to Halti so you walk the same 55 kilometre path twice to the opposite directions if you decide to go it all the way.

On my first visit to Kilpisjärvi-Halti trail I went all the way to the top of Halti and back. This hike took me and my friend six full days to complete. We spent half of the nights sleeping in our tent and half the nights sleeping in some wilderness cabins which are located throughout the hiking trail.

Reindeer in Lapland, Finland

The terrain in the wilderness of Käsivarsi is quite rough and there are barely any trees.

The highest point in Finland

The highest point in Finland can be visited when doing the Kilpisjärvi-Halti hiking trail. The other end of the trail starts from Kilpisjärvi village and ends in the top of the highest point in Finland, which is the Mount Halti. This highest point is 4,357 feet (1,328 metres) above see level.

Mount Halti in Lapland, Finland

The highest point in Finland is located in Mount Halti. It is basically a bunch of rocks to be honest but the view is majestetic.

We climbed Halti on our fourth hiking day on my first trip to Kilpisjärvi-Halti trail. We were very lucky to have a clear weather and could see far to the wilderness of Finland and Norway.

Hiking in Finnish wilderness

Kilpisjärvi-Halti trail is located in the wilderness of Käsivarsi which is located in North-West part of Finland. When leaving the village of Kilpisjärvi it doesn’t take too long before you arrive to the real wilderness of Finland where there grows little to no trees and it is just pure Lapland desert.

Fishing in Lapland, Finland

When ever I go hiking in Lapland I always take my fishing gear with me.

Along the trail there are wilderness cabins with dry toilets approximately 10 kilometres apart. Hikers can rest and stay over night in these cabins if needed without any reservations. When hiking in wilderness it is good to always prepare to stay in a tent over night.

Halti cabin

Wilderness cabins are great places to rest and even spend the night if the weather is bad or you just don’t want spend a night in a tent.

My favourite Hiking tent

Sometimes finding a good place for a tent can be hard so a cabin can be a good option. I personally love spending nights in my tent.

When to hike in Lapland, Finland

I personally always time my hikes to Lapland, Finland to summer time. There can still be snow around June is some areas so July is usually a safe in terms of hitting the dry season. July-August usually brings a lot of mosquitos which should be gone by late Autumn.

Some areas tend to be located so high above see-level, for example Kilpisjärvi-Halti trail that there are rarely any mosquitos around unlike many people fear. It really varies a lot year in year out.

Mount Saivaara

Some trails are high enough above the see level that there are little to no mosquitos around.